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10/20/20, WaistBand B's

I'm taking off some days and decided to race both the early East and West coast race. I was thinking WaistBand is pretty flat. Relatively short course so why not? Race 1, Well, the early race snuck up on me and I only got a 6 minute warm up while sorting out electronics having moved my trainer setup back to my garage. That was not enough! Those early (East Coasters) race people went out hard and it just stayed there. 38 minutes of hard power without much break. Those getting the steamroller power up laid it down in the first and second gravel sections making some break efforts. The breaks got closed down but it contributed to the pace overall. As we finally made it to the finish it launched from just under a mile out. Some people obviously felt fresher than me! A surprisingly hard, flat race.

Race 2, 630pm Pacific had a large collection of my Fell Swoop Teammates and some friends from other teams. I wanted to race it but knew the first race would show up in tired legs. The start was the usual hard but then the pace seemed more typical. There was a point where it almost felt routine (yes, Kai, where you asked if we were going easier I was thinking the same). Maybe it was the big field size but the East was pretty big too. Ultimately the time was the same and the TSS was very similar so that says they were the same and you can draw your conclusions about warm ups. I tried to help keep the pace high in the end knowing I wouldn't have a sprint left and my first race is the one that counted toward the series anyway. In conclusion, got some training in. Fun race, not the most dynamic course but the steamroller power up interjected some decision making that spiced it up. So looking forward to next week having never raced the Libby Hill After Party. It should be a real test in the end!

Results on the night:

Early Race

Men's Women's


1 Nathan Isaacs

2 Patrick Brady

3 Adam Schwengler


1 Craig Martin Jennifer Schuble

2 Matthew Downs

3 Tim Schmitt


1 Dean Harding C Robinson

2 Patrick Nagel

3 Adi Go


1 Sean Courser Elizabeth Ody

2 Sean OConnor

3 Glenn Gervais

Late Race


1 Isaac Juracich

2 Trevor Bryan

3 Warren Muir


1 Alex Nelson Claire Law

2 Bradlee Haley Kele Murdin

3 Ben Pflaum Colleen Grygier


1 Mark Clausen Lori Brault

2 Andy Foltz Jadine Riley

3 Chris Tutt Molly Prentice


1 IM Geumsu Kelly Ingram

2 Simon Schmidt Erin Bailie

3 Steve Hickenlooper Claire Hinman

Series Results (not with consideration for drop 2):


1 John Osguthorpe

2 Adam Abrams

3 Mike Murdin


1 Craig Martin Karine Valliant-Saunders

2 Matthew Dutton Kele Murdin

3 Bradlee Haley Colleen Grygier


1 Jean Grenier Jadine Riley

2 B e Rad C Robinson

3 Andrew Jones Lori Brault


1 Glenn Gervais Kelly Ingram

2 Sylvain Normand Erin Bailie

3 Rich Feliciano Becky Quadros

Full results on ZwiftPower at:

Look under events for the individual races

Shout Outs: Late Race A's: Isaac Juracich, Congrats on the Win! Didn't get to see it but you are clearly strong and light so look out A field!

B's: Congrats to Alex Nelson for the win. Brad Haley (Bikesavr) and Ben Pflaum for the podium. Thank you Wily DJ for attacking repeatedly. Really/Not Really :). It was a strong showing of force

C's: Congrats to Mark Clausen from Taco Time for the win and my teammate Andy Foltz for 2nd. Lori Brault finished 1st in Women's (Jadine Riley right behind her) and 3rd on the night overall, NICE!

D's: Kelly Ingram took 1st in Women's and 3rd in the field, Congrats! 9 ladies raced last night which is fantastic, hopefully a trend with bigger women's fields to come!

Early Race, I don't know as many people but Craig Martin in B's ... you raced really strong all night and great job taking the win! It was fun racing with Todd Gallaher, Duncan McIntosh and Hyun Lee.

I know some of you have some pretty classy Zwift setups in your house. We are storing things in my garage bay for my MIL so this is where i'll be slugging it out this winter

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