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12/15/20 Tempus Fugit ITT

We do love that conveyor belt! SweatFest returns to Tempus Fugit.

The start of our 2nd fall series opens with a TT on the flat and fast romp through the desert. Here's my story and some results. I couldn't find my data from the previous TT we did on the course (strange Strava!) so I grabbed 320 watts as a number to hold for the duration.

Warm up felt just okay but this was my 7th day of riding in a row which is abnormal for me.

I was pretty early in the grouping but took off and noticed my teammate Craig "Snoqualmie Maybe" Martin right on my heels. Nothing motivates like a stronger teammate chasing you! Chris quickly dispatched me at the 2 mile mark.

I was still feeling good and powering down the road in the 340 avg range. I was starting to have thoughts about how going faster would hopefully get this over with sooner. I was also okay with abandoning my planned number willing to risk a blow up for an unexpectedly good result. It's drop 2 anyway right?

Does everyone have this look during a TT?

It was cold in my garage at the start of the event. I didn't notice until after I began, I forgot to turn on my fan. I was able to start it during the ride but was already very hot.

From the turn around back to the finish it was nothing but discomfort, coping mechanisms and powering through the cumulative hurt. Coming into the finish a few of us were bunched together and that really helped with motivation. I was hopeful of posting a good time with feeling the good legs and going as hard as possible.

I did: 28:19 minutes and 332w which beat my goal!

BUT, that was worth 19th place good for only 1 POINT

Maybe I should have raced the later race? I wish we could combine the ITT in the series. I like racing early because 630pm feels really late for me when it gets dark here at 4pm. Putting on PJ's and having a cocktail at 6pm is lots better.

Here's how the early B's race scored. I ignore the people not in the series and here's what jumps out. Frank beat me by almost a minute but Ben P crushed it too! Todd Gallagher and Eric Grant both did really well in totally different fashions.

In the later race my teammate Chris Adolf won. Really impressive!

Craig is an "A" racer and he went on to beat me by 40 seconds. Not that anybody looks up this stuff after the race

I pulled the times from both events into a google sheet and cleaned up the data a bit. Here's the combo field:

Here's your Top 20

On to next, this coming Tuesday is Keith Hill After Party. Hope to see you there!

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