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The Rules

Sweatfest Series Rules​​

  1. Have Fun, Race kindly. We pull a wide swath of cyclist including junior cyclists, so show up, have fun, and keep the racing vocabularly clean!

  2. Results will be based on ZwiftPower scoring and the implementation of CEVAZ category limitations/rules. 

    1. Current CEVAZ limitations can be found here:

    2. Wonder what your category is? Read this: If you haven't raced in 90 days you are resetting your category with your first race​.

    3. What if I am unfairly DQ'd, my power drops out, etc? Just like real life racing, power drops, connection issues, cats on your keyboard all can occur and should be considered a form of 'digital mechanical'. If you feel that your results are incorrectly categorized you can reach out to the Sweatfest team on Facebook to let us know what occured.​​

  3. Series results will be tracked on

  4. Prizes are at the discretion and sourcing of SweatFest. We only send prizes within the US. If you win Internationally I don't think prizes will justify the trip. Past prize example below, strong chance it will involve a chicken.






For Series details and scoring see the "Races" page details.

More detail can often be found in the chatter on our FB page:

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