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SweatFest X, coming in October 2021

The changing of the leaves, cyclocross, college football on Saturdays, nights getting longer and the return of SweatFest .... all harbingers of fall.

Yes, its that time again to accept the extended darkness of winter and try to keep some form of fitness. I have often struggled to get my act together in fall thinking I can manage the daylight and nice weather to keep riding outside. Well, lesson learned is October is done for outdoors unless your bike is rigged with lots of lumens or its your day off.

Bring on SweatFest! 22 weeks of Tuesday night torture geared to make your team ride feel easy. We are calling it SweatFest 10 or X as it seems like we have done at least 9 seasons with the blur that was COVID 2020/21 indoor Zwifting.

Love to see the team racing take on significance this year. Top 3 count in each category so good way to work towards a common goal.

To be honest, my Wahoo trainer and bike are not setup yet already. I am traveling the first SweatFest week and i'll setup on return. I'm sure the constant power requirement will be a shock to the system and i'm setting the bar low. Hope to see you out there!

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